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Vulcanet Wipes

31.000 KD

All in one : Degreaser Detergent - Dirt, Pollution, Oil & Fuel cleaner Tar Remover Bug Remover Streak-Free Window Cleaner -Anti-Rain / Pollution & Anti-Scratch Coating Wheel Cleaner - Polish, Protector, removes Grease & Brake Dust. Shines Rubber and Tyre Walls Shines all Plastics & Carbons - Dashboards, Grilles, Meshes, Vents, etc. Reinvigorates paint - Old, New, Matt, Gloss, Special Polishes & Protects Bodywork leaving a gleaming surface that repels water and dirt. The specially designed wipe uses its honeycomb construction to capture and retain all the dirt safely. You can use Vulcanet® everywhere, do not require a dedicated space with a drain. No tap, no brushes or sponges, you only need to move around your vehicle.

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Categories: Cleaning

How to use :

1- Unscrew the black lid, remove the foil seal and pull the wipe out from the centre of the roll.

2- Apply the wipe gently (Divide by area, hood, sides, windsreen, etc) Vulcanet will dilute and capture all the dirt.

3- When the surface is clean, use the microfiber cloth housed in the black lid. Adopt a brisk, circular movement with a light pressure. In a high temperature environment, reduce area size so the solution does not dry on the surface. In case of wet weather, dry the vehicle with a cloth...Or just wait for better weather!!

For the perfect cleaning of your family car :

8 Vulcanet wipes for the first application. For a weekly clean, three to four Vulcanet wipes. For a motorcycle two to three Vulcanet wipes are enough. Contains : 80 cloths + 1 washable luxury microfibre cloth of 420gr