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BMW Motorrad updated the S1000RR with a slew of new components and design upgrades in 2023, including a tweaked tail design. This redesign gave us the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and update our exclusive In-Tail LED Integrated Tail Light kit that we debuted for the 2020-2022 S1000RR. We retained all of the amazing features you come to expect while adapting the design to updated undertail geometry to ensure a seamless final look. Our exclusive LED Integrated Tail Lights install within the two pockets located on the updated undertail and complement the overall S1000RR styling from every angle. The color and texture-matched ABS plastic light enclosures match the surrounding undertail to ensure the lights look like a natural fit on your S1000RR. Each lighting unit features three high-powered LEDs that sit on different axes in order to create a wide cone of light, while the illuminated base ring provides side-profile illumination for added visibility. During installation, you'll notice we utilize OEM-style plugs that enable you to skip cutting, splicing, or soldering anything onto your new lights, or more importantly, your BMW wire harness. Simply mate the corresponding plugs and you're done! Features High-powered pulse-width modulated LEDs provide extremely bright light output 6 total lights spread across different axis create a wide cone of light and increased visibility Illuminated accent ring for side profile visibility Plug and play wiring - no cutting, splicing, or soldering your S1000RR wires Bolt-on installation with no modification required Light enclosure is color and texture matched to the BMW undertail for a factory component look Amber signals activate ONLY in regions that have amber signal activation on the stock setup (U.K. for example) Innovative approach that complements the BMW design language Designed by and exclusive to TST Industries
118.000 KD